One For The Record Books


At the end of April 2016, a few close friends and I had gotten word that the spring walleye bite was on fire in Devils Lake, ND. That Saturday, we packed up the pickup and headed west. There were a few spots that we wanted to try but knew we were more than likely going to end up fishing our favorite “secret” spot, so we decided to head there first. After a few miles down some old dirt roads and past a road closed sign, we were finally there. We put our waders on and began to walk out onto the sunken dirt road that Devils Lake had engulfed years ago. We got out into the lake about 50 yards and as we stood in our waders next to fellow fishermen that were in their boat, we began casting jigs into the bay. On my second cast, I hooked into a 22″ walleye and instantly knew we were in for a great day. After a few hours, thousands of casts, and countless jigs, we had a stringer of beautiful Devils Lake walleyes. The bite was definitely on as we not only caught our walleyes, but we hooked into so many northerns it was comical. It was all too difficult to keep our jigs away from the northern pike and catch the walleyes we had came for. On our way back to Grand Forks, we all realized this would be one fishing trip we would not forget.

IMG_2380Patrick Schwappach
DSG Marketing
Grand Forks, ND